About Us


Welcome to the web site of Speed Casting.

We are an Art Production Company that always works with the best in the entertainment world.

Our Company is set up in Miami, known as “Speed Casting Brazil” working with experienced group of professionals acting in festivals, shows, parades, parties, any kind of event in Brazil, Latin America, North America and Europe.

We are the representative of Companies of entertainment, either Artists of any nationalities working in Brazil and abroad.

On Land or at Sea we aim to produce the best in quality and originality, working with new and modern but connected to the classical.

The casting concept, a new understanding of Art Production, is present in every stage on every detail from our planning to the final production of the project, checked by our partners.

Our Team of Dancers, Singers, Clowns, Cyr Wheel and other circus artists are always upgrading. Even we are open to up-and-coming young artist who has impressive abilities. It is ever a great pleasure to face a new talent. We specially invite you to join us.

If you are interested to become a member of our family, to improve as an artist, visit our web site, do your registration, show yourself in a video or CD.

We look forward to hearing / seeing you and your art.